Pondy Award

International competition for natural bathing waters

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The Pondy Award has been presented 2015 at the International Swimming Pond Congress and is awarded every 2 years. One winner from each of the following categories will be chosen:


Private swimming pools


Private natural ponds


Touristic swimming ponds


Public (municipal) pools with biological water treatment


Awarded are the designers of a project, being the person (s) or the team who have created the design and water purification of the project, regardless of whether they also built the facility.

Therefor the award is a design award. Awards are handed over.

Terms and Conditions

All members of the associations affiliated to the IOB are eligible to participate. It does not matter
where the project is located in the world. It does not have to be in the country from which the
candidate comes from. Each project may only participate once. The quality of the facilities should
be evaluated independently of the “photographic staging”. But you must show all the essential
elements in sufficiently high resolution, as they are the basis for the evaluation.

Application documents

To participate, you must fill out the online form in its entirety, which you will find at this link: Application Form
The form will automatically be sent to our website admin, which in turn will send the documents to the jury,
removing references to the author of the project, so that the voting will be anonymous and

Only our web admin receives the submitted data. He only passes on the data necessary for the neutral evaluation of the project (pictures and explanations) to the jury. All information about the designer or architect is retained until the top three projects in each category have been selected.


The maximum number of candidates to be selected per member association shall be as follows:
If more than 5 projects per category are submitted from one country, the jury will make a
pre-selection and selects the 5 best from up to 9 participants, the 6 best from 10-14 participants,
from 15 submissions the best 7.
Extraordinary members are eligible. You can register with the IOB with a maximum of one
project, specifying the category.
If the jury determines that less than 3 participants have registered in a certain category, no
nomination will be made in the category and no winner will be determined.

Determination of the winners

After pre-selection by the member associations and submission of candidatures by the
extraordinary members, a jury will determine three nominees per category.
For this, all project documents (PDF) sorted by category will be posted to a drop box, that will be
accessible only to the jury members.
If the jury determines that less than 3 participants have registered in a certain category, no
nomination will be made in the category and no winner will be determined.
If possible, the jury will be composed of representatives of the media accompanying
the industry (editorial staff, publishing house members). Every award will have a separate
jury. Jury members will receive free tickets to the International Swimming Pond Congress.
No later than one month before the congress, the jury will nominate three nominees per category.
These will be published by the IOB. The participating media (jury members) will get the first
publication right to introduce the nominees in their media. Therefor photo files of the nominated
projects (in full size) are required for publication.
The election of the winners, one per category, will be made by ballot in a secret ballot by the
congress participants.
Each congress participant will receive a ballot paper upon arrival at the congress venue. Each
participant has four votes, one per category. The ballot contains 12 boxes marked with A1, A2,
A3, A4, B1 through B4, C1 through C4 and D1 through D4.
The posters exhibited at the congress venue are arranged according to categories and receive the
identification A1, A2, A3, A4, B1 to B4, C1 to C4 and D1 to D4.
The voter gives his vote until 12 o’clock of the second day of the congress and places his ballot in
the urn. The jury members count out the votes and determine the four winners per category. The
speaker of the jury announces the winners as part of the congress event.