Day of the swimming pond

June 18 – International Day of the Swimming Pond

The International Swimming Pond Association (IOB) has proclaimed the 3rd Saturday in June as International Day of the Swimming Pond.

BioNatare, Brasil
BioNatare, Brasil

June 5th is the World Environment Day and in the past we have already propagated June as the swimming pond month and called for actions to promote biological bathing water. From this year we want to establish the International Swimming Pond Day and hope for your support. We chose the third Saturday in June, this year the 18.6.

To celebrate International Swimming Pond Day we invite you to ask all your customers to send in a picture of their swimming pond, with or without bathers, and to post it at the following website:

Important: Ask your costumers as well to add to the picture a sentence telling us why they like their swimming pond.

They can upload their picture and comment on our IOB-website using the upload form below.

Inform your costumers that picture and sentence are published, but not their name or place where they live. The only information added is the country where the swimming pond is placed. And inform as well that by the upload of picture and sentence they agree that IOB and affiliated organizations are free to use picture and text uploaded to promote the International Swimming Pond Day in the internet and any other kind of media.

Here a suggestion for an invitation text

    You can upload picture files: png, jpeg, jpg up to 250kB.
    To get the best results for Instagram please crop your picture square, preferably 1000 * 1000 pixels.

    Pics last years