IOB Newsletter Mai 2022 Pondy Award

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Newsletter Mai 2022 Pondy Award

FINALLY! The final voting results for all validly submitted categories of the PONDY Award 2021 are evaluated and the winners are chosen!

The Pondy Award is becoming more and more the most important award in the swimming pond & natural pond industry. By now it has a dazzling position in the Google search and can therefore also become an important decision-maker aid for the final customer.
The fact that industry experts evaluate the winners means that not only optics and design, but also the technology and innovation of the solutions are taken into account. This can be an important basis for the decision-making process for the builder of a natural pool when choosing and awarding the contract to the service provider.

Die Gewinner des Pondy Awards 2021
The Winners

Schwimmteich Privat – Private Swimming Ponds

Winner: Die Königsgütler, Deutschland

Position 2: theBIOPOOL, Spanien

Position 3: Biopiscinas, Portugal

Naturpools Privat – Private Natural Pools

Winner: Die Königsgütler, Deutschland

Position 2: Bionova, USA

Position 3: theBIOPOOL, Spanien

Öffentliche (kommunale) Bäder mit biologischer Wasseraufbereitung
Public (Municipal) Pools with Biological Water Treatment

Winner: Polyplan, Deutschland

Position 2: Wasserwerkstatt, Deutschland

Position 3: tkLA, Deutschland

IOB congratulates the winners and thanks them for participating!

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