IOB-Newsletter 11/2022 – IOB-Updates: Pondy-Award

Dear Natural Swimming Pool pro,

Together with you, we would like to further develop two aspects of the International Organisation for natural Bathingwaters/ the IOB.

First, since 2017 our IOB’s Pondy-Award has been presented every two years during the International Swimming Pond Congress for the best submissions in the 4 following categories:

A- Natural looking Natural Swimming Pools – private

B- Formal looking Natural Swimming Pools – private

C- Tourist destination Natural Swimming Pools

D- Public (municipal) Natural Swimming Pools with biological water treatment

And here is the question for you: What does the Pondy Award of the future look like for you?
Share your ideas, suggestions, expectations for the future or even your previous experiences with us.

Second, the IOB Roundtable has been taking place on the last Wednesday of the month at 1100 Central European Time online with Zoom for over 2 years now.
We exchange information on a technical topic around public and private Natural Swimming Pools as well as on association matters based on the interest expressed by our participants.
On which topics and at what time would you like to meet with other Natural Swimming Pool experts internationally?

Please send us your suggestions for these two questions by November 22.

Subsequently, after this year’s annual general meeting in Mechelen, Belgium, we will continue to design the Pondy Award and the IOB Roundtable together with your ideas.

We are looking forward to your ideas by email or phone!

Kind regards Your IOB – International Organization for natural bathing waters e.V.

Stefan Meier                           Maximilian Colditz                           James Robyn

President                                Vice-president                                    2.Vice-president

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