Allen Schnaak

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Allen Schnaak IOB refernt 2021

Allen Schnaak
Georgetown, SC. USA
BioNova Natural Pools

My personal and professional life have revolved around water and the outdoors. Over 53 years ago, at the age of 12, I got my first job maintaining a neighborhood swimming pool in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. I taught swimming lessons, water safety, attained SCUBA certification, and enjoy hiking, camping and exploring the outdoors. While in college I studied marine biology and limnology, but since Jacques Cousteau had the job I wanted, my career evolved around the swimming pool industry. For 30 years I was responsible for sales, training, and marketing with BioLab, Inc., but now, as a co-owner of BioNova, my life and career has come full circle to apply the techniques of swimming pool design and operation with the science of biological filtration in Natural Swimming Pools.
A major challenge we face in the US is that the swimming pool industry was borne in a “chemical maintenance” business environment and I am motivated to represent the ASPNSP and BioNova in an effort to include biological filtration as a viable option to support a “Nature-based solution” for both Public and Private natural swimming pools. I am encouraged that there is a rising level of support for environmentally sustainable practices and I’m passionate in promoting responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

Presentation Outline IOB Conference 2021
Introduction - Public NSPs in the United States -The process for gaining acceptance.
Natural Swimming Pool Obstacles
Lack of Public Awareness.
Lack Knowledgeable Professionals.
Consumer Misinformation
Natural Swimming Pool Opportunités
Rising interest in Environmentally Sustainability
Increasing concern over the effects of climate change
Promotion of Biological filter methods
Promote NSPs as a “Nature-Based Solution”
The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) The guidelines for Public Aquatic venues in the US
Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC)
The Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC)
The process for CHANGING the MAHC
Next Steps