Nina Röttgers

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Dipl. Ing. Nina Röttgers
Environmental Engineer

Nina Röttgers has a background in environmental technolgy and used to work with a focus on rehabilitation of contaminated sites and industrial waste water. She is part of the Polyplan-Kreikenbaum Team since 2020 where she works as a project engineer. Nina is involved in monitoring of public NSP, supervision of construction and lake restoration as well as reserach and development.

Summary of the lecture

Impact of material selection on the CO2 footprint of NSP
Every construction causes environmental impact and CO2 emissions. With a focus and promotion of nature based solutions the question of reducing that impact should be included into our desings of NSP. The lecture will adress the difficulty of actually identifying the CO2 footprint of used materials, compare some of the commonly built-in ones and discuss possibilites to reduce the CO2 footprint of NSP construction.