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BIOFERMENTA GmbH, headquartered in Thalgau near Salzburg (AUT), develops swimming pool and natural pool products, such as Filtering techniques, skimmer solutions, substrates, etc., from scientific concept to marketable product.

BIOFERMENTA stands for reliability, safety and energy efficiency and positions itself as a fair and reliable technology supplier of quality products for the highest demands.

Biological water treatment becomes the upper standard for the operation of bathing waters. The state of the art is driven by internal development activities, so that the customer can be guaranteed a guaranteed product quality.

All products are designed as well as possible service, update and upgradeable and made of durable, ecologically harmless materials – only in this way defines a marketable quality product.

We operate development and control the production at the highest level.

Our motto is: Quality is not a question of marketing – quality is measurable.

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