IOB Newsletter 03.08.2021 – Conference – Pondy Award

Dear colleagues,

The 11th International swimming pond conference is getting closer and closer. On the one hand, the Covid pandemic is causing an enormous order situation among the established swimming pond and natural pool experts, on the other hand, unfortunately, it is also causing great uncertainties in planning, including that of the congress.

First of all: we are determined to hold the congress. We would postpone it for a year only in the event that the implementation would not make sense due to force majeure.

According to the latest information, there are no significant restrictions in terms of quarantines or the like on the part of the venue, the hotel and the state of Portugal. There the tendency is for fewer rather than more restrictions (based on public information from the Portuguese Prime Minister last week).

Many still hesitate to book in order to only decide at the last moment. However, we have only secured the hotel contingent at special rates until August 15th. It is not certain whether rooms will still be available at these conditions - or at all - afterwards. Participants of the conference have to book as well the hotel, as it is an all-inclusive hotel.

Therefore, the big request to everyone who wants to take part in the 11th International Swimming Pond Conference and has put it off so far, to book now immediately.

Please book by AUGUST 15 at the latest.


Several companies and associations have contacted us because of the enormous workload and asked whether a further extension of the submission deadline for the Pondy-Award would be possible. We have therefore decided to extend the submission deadline to August 15th for the last time.

Everyone who is convinced of the design quality of their swimming ponds and natural pools, whether private, touristic or public, still has the chance to take part in the international competition.

All details about the conditions of participation and the documents to be submitted can be found here:

Best regards
Stefan Meier

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