DI Magister Wolfgang Wesner

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DI Mag Wolfgang Wesner, Study of Technical Chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna, Studies of Biology (Botany, Limnology) at the University of Vienna, establishment of the Environmental Chemistry, research at the Institute for Anorganic Chemistry, Univ. Vienna. Working in the National Park Danubefloodplains, surveys, analysis, preparation of management plans, nutrient and pollutant balance of the Danube river EU Life projects.
2001 founding of the ARGE Gewässermanagement, for scientific water treatment, management of ponds and pools with biological water treatment.
Chemical and serial biological studies, training, quality check, optimization of biological water treatment systems, problem solving, planning, calculation and simulation, pond restoration.
Practical implementation of Limnology, Botany andChemistry. Establishment of new analytical methods for analysis,establishment of an analytical laboratory. Development of the concept of nutrient balance in natural swimming pools based on over 600 observed ponds.
Leader of the environmental area at the Center of Excellence for Applied Electrochemistry ECHEM
Focus Industrial Water Treatment, planning, implementation and optimization of electrochemical measurement and treatment technologies. Development of High Preasure High Temperature Boron doped Diamond Electrodes (HPHT BDD), establishment of a production company for HPHT BDD: www.proaqua.cc.
Numerous Lectures on the topics, Participation in expert groups creating ÖNORM standards. Operation of research facilities (natural pool/pond model), theme Algae, decomposition of organic material (filter technique), bacteriology. Developing Filtration units and systems for biological water treatment for Biofermenta www.biofermenta.com and the Kunstgaertner – union www.kunstgaertner.com .

Interventions into complex biological systems and their consequences

In near-natural waters, chemical, physical and biological equilibria are established after a short time. Changing factors shifts several balances - but often in an unexpected direction. Classic paradoxes: the pH increases after acid addition; the degradation of fecal bacteria becomes worse after disinfectant addition or with "supporting technologies" such as UV, copper or salt electrolysis; plant growth becomes worse after fertilizer application; Water temperature and performance of biology are not linearly linked; After aeration, one measures less oxygen than before. Many of these paradoxes can be traced back to well-known scientific fundamentals. About the lime / carbonic acid balance, the food chain, degradation mechanisms, physical laws of gas solubility and chemical reactions, combined with simple mathematics, we find explanations. What causes the use of fish, tadpoles, daphnia, barley straw, interventions can be positive, negative, both at the same time or not at all. Depending on the quality objective, an overview is worked out.

2021 Portugal - developing the formulas - easy modelling of NSP projects