Stefan Bruns

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Managing director Polyplan
Member of the Technical Bath Committee of the Federal Association of Public Baths) Founding member ABS (Arbeitskreis für Badessen und Schwimmteiche) Member of the standardization committee of the FLL (Research Association Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.V.) for preparing the recommendations for planning, construction, maintenance and operation of public baths with biological water treatment. Former management of the IOB (International Association for Natural Bathing Water)

2021 - Indoor NSPs …Why not

• The 3 indoor NSPs has been investigated to find out if they indicates higher risks regarding the hygienic parameters.
• The start presentation is the first part of the Indor NSP workshop.
• Based on this presentation the workgroup will define the next steps

2021 - 2 - Zooplankton online monitor

2019 - DANA 2.0 - From the data storage to the control center of the natural pool. Capture and control the current state of the natural bath at a glance

The database Naturfreibäder (DANA) was developed before 2007 as an online platform in which all operational data of a natural bath can be collected. The aim was to provide a complete documentation of all operating data transparently for all parties involved. Thus, DANA was an instrument for securing and documenting good operational management. In addition, DANA could be used as a tool to conduct cause research and thus finding solutions when disruptions occur. In addition, the data also repeatedly served research and also support in the further development of regulations. Thus, DANA served both the operators and the entire industry.
These functions are still appreciated by DANA users today. However, not only have the technical possibilities changed in recent years, but also the user requirements have changed. The result of this change is the development of DANA 2.0. From now on, DANA should not only be used for data storage but above all for controlling a natural outdoor bath. For this purpose, DANA 2.0 provides the user, whether on the stationary computer or the network-compatible handset, clear, technically up-to-date and visually appealing numerous functions:- Control and control of water
treatment via a graphically appealing flow chart
- Simple input of data (sometimes automated)
- Presentation of the most important operating data from the operating diary, the hygiene measurements and the PLC control data in a clearly arranged dashboard on the start page
- Display of alarms in the event of limit violations
- Automatic suggestions for action in case of operating problems via a troubleshooting module
- Checking maintenance and service via checklists
- ticket system for the delegation of tasks to external service providers (for example, bathroom care)
- Graphical and tabular representation of all operating data
- Latest information from the natural bath industry in DANAthek
- Exchange with peers through the DANA Forum
- Automatic evaluation function of the operating state
- Presentation of all operational master data of the bath (instructions, plans, guidelines, standards,
responsibilities, etc.)
In short: DANA provides the operator with the opportunity at a glance to record the operating status of a natural bath at any time and to take necessary measures - if necessary also via direct access to the bath control (PLC).
From spring 2019, the first beta version will be tested in selected natural pools.